Sunday, February 22, 2009

6 Steps for Greater Magnetic Power

By Anthony Norvell
Author of: The Million Dollar Secret That Lies Hidden Within Your Mind

Take these Six Steps for Greater Magnetic Power

1. Picture clearly the things that you want to magnetize and attract.

Sit quietly in your room and run these pictures through your mind like film through a movie projector. Review these pictures daily, as often as possible, especially at night just before going to sleep. See them clearly; do not keep changing them, but have the pictures the same each time. Have as many things as you want to magnetize, taking them up one at a time, and giving about ten minutes to picturing each thought.

2. Write down the things you wish to magnetize and attract.

Write them clearly and briefly, as you have learned in another part of this book. This serves to imprint them upon your subconscious mind more forcibly.

3. Indulge in day-dreaming when possible to do so.

The moments you spend waiting for a car or bus, the time you take out for coffee or a cigarette at your work-use these precious moments to day-dream. In these day-dreams see yourself in the work you want to do; living in your dream house; married to the mate who fits your needs; having money to do things you wish; ideas and inventions that could make you a fortune.

4. Do not tell anyone of the secret power you are using.

They will tend to laugh at you, discourage you, and they may short-circuit your magnetic attraction with their negative ideas. Many a genius has never won recognition because he shared his dreams and secrets with friends of members of his family. The acorn grows in the secret, hidden womb of earth, safe from all interference, and becomes an oak tree because of this secrecy. What if someone tore it up by the roots every few days to see if it was growing? It would die. So too, your dreams die if they are shattered by others.

5. Have faith in the invisible intelligence, to produce the things you are trying to magnetize.

The secret power that can make a baby in nine months‘ time, knows how to release the energy to bring your idea or dream to fruition. But you must have faith in this invisible power that creates all life. The chicken in the egg is evidence of this great miracle-working intelligence. From that invisible cell it produces the feathers, beak, heart, lungs, and eyes of that chick. Trust this Intelligence.

6. Share your good with the world.

There is magnetism in giving to others. The soil gives of its substance to the plant and enriches the world; the sun gives of its warmth and the world lives in its golden glow. All great givers have been able to attract more of this world‘s goods than the misers, for misers magnetize money but lose their lives by not sharing it with others. A shabby old woman was found dying on the streets of New York in midwinter. When a search was made of her shabby apartment a trunk was found that had five hundred thousand dollars in cash hidden in it. And yet, she died of starvation! Activate this law of magnetism through giving: Give it and you will receive even more, for whatever you give, will come back to you multiplied.

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