Friday, October 5, 2007

Power Steps to Your Success

The following power steps structure your thinking to make sure the
actions you take will drive you towards success.

Power Step #1: Be In Charge Of Your Life

Caring what other people think of you puts them in charge of your
life, instead of you.
Most of us are brought up (rightfully so) to consider others. But,
unless we are discerning, we soon find ourselves caught up in a job
we can't stand, or living in a relationship which makes us unhappy,
or getting caught up in the spiral of poverty.

'Other people' slavery kills your creativity, your energy and drive
towards your own goals and fulfilling your dreams. It stops you
from going to places you want to visit and enjoying the kind of
entertainment that you enjoy. So, make certain you're not always
driven to do things, merely because you're worried about what other
people think of you. Be confident in who you are!

Power Step #2: Strive to be Different

Nearly everyone you know will strive to be normal - because it's
socially acceptable. But the normal person goes nowhere special and
achieves the mundane.

Power Step #3: Look to the Future

If you dwell on your past mistakes your creativity can crash to a
grinding halt and you will be unable to move forward. Losing is
good if you interpret it correctly.

Don't regard mistakes as mistakes. It ceases to be a mistake and
loses its power to hold you back if you can learn to be glad that
you've not failed but learned valuable lessons in life. That
attitude will help you to build future successes.

Blessed is he who is not discouraged by mistakes. Blessed is he who
is glad he makes mistakes. Winning - or losing - is a state of mind.

Power Step #4: It's Never Too Late

If you have a goal and you find yourself saying 'it's too late',
the only way to conquer that fear is to ignore it and go ahead and
do the thing you fear. It's NEVER too late if you have the courage
and the passion to follow your dream.

Power Step #5: Don't Crave Security

The idea of insurance is to cushion the impact of the unexpected.
In theory it's a good idea, but it has turned our society into a
population of security seekers. It has weakened our strength as
individuals who know we can surmount any problem or situation that
life throws our way.

The stifling extent of this slavery is enormous. The more security
we have the less psychological freedom we can enjoy and the less
our chances are of success and abundance.

If you want to make sure you don't stifle your need for excitement:

1. Dare to be individual.

2. Dare to develop your own style - instead of following fashion.

3. Dare to study and work to improve yourself in your profession.

4. Dare to have a positive mental attitude and the courage to try.

In other words: Dare to take a chance.

Power Step #6: I Am Certain to Win

Our minds drive us to achieve exactly what we believe we're capable
of achieving. This is good news because once we understand this and
master the art of controlled thinking, then we can guide our
destiny towards success.

If you need to break the bonds of 'I'm certain to fail' slavery:

1. Hold positive chats with yourself.
2.Surround yourself with positive people.
3. Think, 'I'm going to succeed'
4. Think, 'I'm a winner'.

The only person you will have to convince is yourself. Other people
are automatically convinced you're great and a success, after you
have convinced yourself.

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