Tuesday, July 29, 2008

20 Critical Managerial Competencies

1. Listen Actively
2. Give Clear, Effective Instructions
3. Accept Your Share of Responsibility for Problems
4. Identify Real Problems
5. Manage Time, Set Priorities
6. Give Recognition for Excellent Performance
7. Communicate Decisions to Employees
8. Communicate Effectively (orally)
9. Shift Priorities, if Necessary
10. Explain Work
11. Obtain and Provide Feedback in Two-way communication Sessions
12. Write Effectively
13. Prepare Action Plan
14. Define Job Qualifications
15. Effectively Implement Organizational Change
16. Explain and Use Cost Reduction Methods
17. Prepare and Use Cost Reduction Methods
18. Develop Written Goals
19. Justify New Personnel and Capital Equipment
20. Participate in Seminars and keep on Learning

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